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Employment law
The focus of our consulting and representation includes:
Establishment, composition and alteration of employment contracts including employment of organs of corporate bodies (e.g. preparation of contracts and collateral agreements such as post-contractual prohibition to compete)


Termination of employment and service contracts (e.g. dissolution contract, dismissal, compensation) including conduct of the case in industrial tribunal dismissal protection suits or civil proceedings


Prosecution of or defence against employment-related contractual claims including conduct of a case (e.g. disagreements regarding warnings, salary, references, vacation, contractual prohibition to compete) in special consideration of the employment law of the public sector (e.g. pay scale grouping, permanent employment contract)


Reorganisation of businesses and companies including the accompanying issues of individual and collective rights (e.g. transfer of undertakings, balance of interests and social compensation plan)


Participative management in companies, enterprises and corporations (e.g. composition of employment agreements) including conduct of a case in industrial tribunal decision making procedures as well as negotiation in establishment-level arbitration committees