Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht in Dresden, Anwalt für Arbeitsrecht in SachsenRechtsanwalt Dresden - Fachanwalt für ArbeitsrechtDr. Götzke, Rechtsanwälte - Anwaltskanzlei in Dresden
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Law firm for employment law, commercial law and competition law in Dresden

We are a law firm focusing on economic law with an emphasis on individual and collective employment law as well as selected areas of commercial law and competition law. Thanks to our expertise and our longtime experience in consulting and legal action, we can offer premium legal support.

The practice as lawyer and specialist lawyer for employment law encompasses all areas of employment law, from composition of emploment contracts, the prosecution of or defence against claims under employment law, to the termination of employment due to dismissal, dissolution contract or term-limitation. We offer consulting for the reorganisation of companies, enterpises and corporations. We represent our clients in lawsuits in industrial courts of all instances, such as dismissal protection suits or pay scale grouping suits, all other lawsuits and decision-making processes as well as in establishment-level arbitration committees under the Industrial Constitution Act.

We are also active in selected areas of commercial law and competition law, with a focus on sale of goods law and treaty law, commercial representative law as well as the prosecution of or defence against claims under unfair competition laws.